Last Week on VC Twitter — Week of August 26th 2019

VCs continue to yell "price matters" into the void to maintain their sanity

It’s Burning Man week. On the playa, no money is exchanged, instead favoring a gifting economy. This is part of what makes it so compelling for VCs, it’s a break from their usual job of selling money.

Surfacing Interesting Threads

Here are some posts/threads that were interesting but didn’t get a lot of attention on VC twitter. Let me know if you prefer this kind of content over a recap of the week’s news (which is at the bottom of this newsletter)

How I Invest by Brad Gillespie

A README file for entrepreneurs and LPs about how Brad Gillespie (at IA Ventures) operates

Seed Stage Squeeze

In what has been the busiest summer on record in SV early stage venture, Semil Shah (Haystack) posits some thoughts about why the seed stage market has gotten so competitive.

Marc Andreessen: Software is going to eat healthcare

Marc Andreessen & Jorge Conda talk about how software will eat healthcare.

Last week on VC Twitter

💰 YC Demo Day. $20M post is officially the new $10M post

Consensus View: The high valuations might come back to bite the companies later
Contrarian View:

🚲 @Tandem_HQ wins the "hottest" YC demo day startup award. Raises a $7.5M seed at $30 from a16z

Consensus view: “Remote working is hot right now”

Contrarian view: “They should have accepted our term sheet over a16z”

📊 DataDog releases their S-1

Consensus view: It’s a solid SaaS business.

Contrarian view: Better rush out before the IPO window closes

🌱 @jvrionis tries to rebrand pre-seed as "Soil Investing"

Consensus view:

Contrarian View: We’re going all in on Soil Investing. Let’s have the venture firm commision comics to get likes on twitter.