Last week on VC Twitter — Week of August 11th 2019

At this point, round labels (A vs C) are only used by lawyers to figure out how much to charge

If you live in SF and read this newsletter, there’s a good chance you went to Outside Lands this past weekend, but the real question is if you were able to watch the music festival from the comforts of a VC firm sponsored cabana.

Here’s what happened last week on VC Twitter. Check out the bottom of this post for a chart of the number of seed rounds by market from Tomasz Tunguz.

Last Week on VC Twitter

🆕 New firm: $200M fund for “01 Advisors” from @dickc and @adambain

Their Form D says they’ve raised ~$135M of the $200M and indicates that they’ll be based in the other hip spot for VCs in SF (Jackson Square).

💰 @webflow raises a large $72M A round from @Accel (at ~360M+)

People love their product. $72M is a pretty large “Series A” and it goes to show how round labels are basically useless these days.

🦄 @scale_ai raises a $100M C round (at $1B+) from @foundersfund

👤 @katherineykwu joins @notationcapital

@notationcapital is quietly building a stellar team in NYC.

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Tomasz Tunguz (@Redpoint) recently posted a visualization of the number of seed rounds by market. Number of Seed Rounds might not be an amazing metric, but it’s still revealing. The standouts are the the demise of social media/ad-tech and the rise of AI/FinTech/Blockchain.