Last Week on VC Twitter - 9/9/19

If you give a mouse a cookie, soon the mouse becomes an activist investor in your company

Quote of the week

Brex is using some their VC money to open a restaurant in South Park, but the most beautiful part might have been this quote.

“how could we … make something that was awesome, awesome again without the worries of it being like a super profitable business”

(Source: BI)

Last week on VC Twitter

💰 CultureAmp raises from Sequoia China

If you’re wondering why this is in Sequoia China’s wheelhouse, it is because CultureAmp is based in Melbourne.

✂️ WeWork is looking at a substantial valuation haircut

Don’t worry about Softbank, they’ll be fine. Only $2B was invested in equity at the $47B valuation and as they say, “Name your price, I’ll set the terms”

🦄 Assurance IQ (a Seattle based self-funded insurance seller) was acquired by Prudential for $2.35 billion

A low profile bootstrapped startup, founded by a former a16z partner and an experienced insurance “operator”, quietly built a profitable business that was recently acquired by Prudential.

📦 Activist investor Starboard announces a 7.5% stake in Box

If you give a mouse a cookie (get rid of the dual-class share structure), soon the mouse becomes an activist investor in your company….

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