Last Week on VC Twitter — July 28th 2019

VC Slack: @channel Cancel your summer vacations, we have term sheets to write!


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Last Week on VC Twitter

👀 Vision Fund II announces an initial fund size of $108B.

The fund size will likely grow. VCs breath a sigh of relief for their late-stage portfolio. The fund claims to have a 45% IRR for Vision Fund I (we’ll dig into this number in another edition).

Notable Inclusions:

  • Softbank is seeding the fund with $38B (made possible by the merger of Sprint/T-Mobile and by recycling the returns from Fund I)

  • Japanese Financial Institutions. Considering 10Y Japanese government bond yields are hovering around -0.15%, 45% certainly looks a whole lot better.

  • Tech giants like Microsoft and Apple.

Notably Missing:

  • The sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia & Abu Dhabi (who were in Fund I). They may still join.

🎉 Congrats Twitter

☀️ It's an unusually busy summer for VCs. Lots of term sheets are being issued

💰 New rounds for @RobinhoodApp, @OpenAI, @Hipcamp

HipCamp’s recent $25M Series B (at $127M) was led by Andrew Chen at A16Z. It follows a $9.5M round led by Sarah Tavel at Benchmark in October 2017 (at ~$38M). If you are trying to do the math, the paper writeup on just the A comes out to a ~85% IRR (not that calculating paper IRR on early individual investments is useful)